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Do you want a Senior Virtual Assistant in your team to cover any task from reviewing to purchasing to managing your entire operations? *

Please note: This form is specifically for those wanting to take advantage of the Virtual Assistant Training Service.

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Admin - Trained to all your administration needs including the following:
- Store account management.
- Accounting management. VAT Invoicing requests. 
- Amazon account management. Messages / Feedback.
- Managing your email address.
Team Leader (Reviewer) - Trained to all your products processing needs including the following:
- Reviewing the list of your products that have been sourced.
- Accurately identifying winning products and losing products.
- Giving team feedback to your sourcing team.
- Assistant with replenishing inventory.
- Assist with inventory health.
- Managing team attendance and team concerns.
- Tactical Arbitrage management (If required)
Senior Team Leader (Purchaser) - Trained to all your product purchasing needs including the following:
- Creating baskets daily for your winning products.
- Purchasing daily your winning products.
- Managing all your order receipts for accounting.
- Assistant with replenishing inventory.
- Assist with inventory health.
Financial Manager* - This members actions will be entirely in your own control and management:
- Credit repayment management.
- Statement management.
- Documentation management.
Operations Manager - Trained to all of the above and the following:
- Amazon reports analysis.
- Team performance analysis.
- Target and growth management.

*All roles are fully in your own control and I accept no responsibility for the result of your business and operations. The success of your business is only in your own control.

Please state what working time zone you require your Virtual Assistant to work in your business. *

Please add any more specific information you need to add that your Senior Virtual Assistant requires.

Some information to highlight:
1. Your new virtual assistant will start at approx $3.33/hour.
2. Rest assured, I have a full 60-day money back guarantee. My goal is to ensure you are happy. 
3. Your assistant works for you. You have full control of your assistant. You can promote, fire or adjust the role at any time.
4. You are advised to continue training throughout your journey.
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1. Business Name
2. Address Details
3. VAT Number (If Applicable)
After Submitting This Request Order Form, I Will Make Contact Personally To Discuss In More Detail. *

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